Night Attractions in Philadelphia

I know that Philadelphia is much more famous on the tourist circuit as one of the best historic cities. However, a great nightlife promised by the night attractions in Philadelphia is also very enjoyable. So, if you are from the ones who are looking for some dance, party, delicious dinner, and DJs; the night attractions in Philadelphia surely cater to these needs. Live music clubs, college bars, dance clubs, dive bars, and sports bars are just to name a few in Philadelphia. If you are looking for more adventures visit ub-cool Adventure Magazine for new ideas.

In this article, I will tell you about the night attractions in Philadelphia, which are really worth visiting. With this, you will not wander for places that you should visit at night.

A Tour of Nightlife

The Continental at the Market Street is where you find the top martinis. If you ask a local, he will tell you that this is the white bar of Market Street. There is no doubt that the suggestive elixirs offered here have a few competitors. I cannot describe in words about this place, so go, and check for yourself. For some great dance, head to the Fluid Nightclub located at the 4th Street, as it is among the recommended places in Philadelphia. Enjoy yourself by dancing on the tunes of the city’s top DJs in this subterranean side street club. New electronica, jungle, trance, and hip-hop – all is possible with its exciting sounds.

The Il Bar at Ristorante Panorama at Front Street in the Penn’s View Hotel is a wine bar. Housed in one of the Philadelphia’s most luxurious hotels, it is a striking site next to the Ristorante Panorama. The main feature is that you can have wine and order your meals from the award-winning kitchen located at the next door.

At the Market Street again, Marmont Steakhouse & Bar is a retreat for the stylish young workers who come here after tiresome work done the whole day long. This is one of the bars that is busy up till its closing time. This is because the customers wander from the restaurant side for a drink all the time. You will enjoy the bar’s sleek design too. The bar is known for its wine rather than the food. Check out for the discount coupons for the Marmont Steakhouse & Bar. One is a $25 coupon for only $10.